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School DescriptionEstablished in 1950, Zhengzhou NO7 Middle School is one of the first schools in Henan province that were awarded the title of ‘Model High School’ Zhengzhou NO 7 Middle School comprises two campuses One, located atJiankang Rd in the urban center, educates students in grades 7-9; while the senior high school program is located atSanquan Rd, which occupies an area of 304 acres, a floor area of 10000 square meters It is a public boarding school fully equipped with national standard facilities and can accommodate 60 classes Under the leadership of the principal, Mr Baojun Wang, it consistently seeks to improve the caliber of the faculty while upholding its founding principles, and strives to become a school of superior standards, quality and reputation Mission StatementWith the focus on the overall improvement of teaching quality, Zhengzhou NO7 Middle School has made remarkable breakthroughs in reforming its curriculum The school has invested a national level general technology lab, equipped with standard models and teaching materials The lab time offers students a hands-on experience in general technology, which is a great practice to strengthen their understanding of scientific theories as well as to develop practical skills for future career development A driving training center and an indoor botanical garden have also been built to keep in pace with the general technology course We believe that an advanced curriculum should instill in students the spirit for life-long learning and development The establishment of the international department in May 2011 has brought Zhengzhou NO7 Middle School on a fast track to become a diversified school We have two different programs: Sino-American International Class and Sino-Canadian Class With different curricula and concentration, the two programs each have an overseas-orientated goal After three years, the Sino-American and Sino-Canadian graduates and all their students which are admitted by world famous universities


21 Sino-American ProgramAdmission requirements1、enrollment plan:150 students2、this year’s provincial graduates who have grade 9’s certificate3、graduates who reach the admission mark of Sino-American program, No7 Middle School4、students whose families are capable of certain financial supportRegister Address: International Department, No7 Middle School, Sanquan Rd, Jinshui District, Zhengzhou CityContact Tel: 0371-65652377 6565217722 Sino-Canada ProgramAdmission requirements1 Enrollment plan:90 students2 This year’s provincial graduates who have grade 9’s certificate3 Graduates who reach the admission mark of Sino-Canada program, No7 Middle School4 Students whose families are capable of certain financial supportRegister Address: International Department, No7 Middle School, Sanquan Rd, Jinshui District, Zhengzhou CityContact Tel: 0371-61009777 53798127

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Sino-American ProgramSino-American International Class was established in May 2011 and is accredited by College Board as the certified AP teaching Center in Henan Province We strive to offer the most qualified faculty comprising Chinese and American teachers, and to build a path toward success for students Up to now, we have offered a variety of AP subjects to the students, such as Calculus AB, Calculus BC, Physics B, Physics C, Chemistry, Macro and Micro Economics, American History, Statistics and Computer Science The syllabus of all the courses have been assessed and approved by the College BoardStarting in 2011, we established a team of College Counseling program This program is designed to ensure successful transition from the secondary school experience to a variety of post-secondary options We provided counseling services and helped the students with getting familiar with the University applications and students have a variety of options, including US Ivy League universities, highly selective liberal arts colleges, and universities around the country and the worldSino-Canada ProgramThe Program follows the Ontario provincial curriculum for Grades 10 through 12 Students receive the same guidance and instruction, and use the same textbooks and resources, as students educated in Canada The curriculum focuses on critical thinking skills and creativity Upon graduation from the school, students are eligible to apply to universities in Canada and the United States Students will stay in China for the first two years, then spend the last semester in Toronto Graduates are awarded Ontario Secondary School Diplomas, the same as students educated in Canada And this program is designed to equip students with the academic and social skills necessary to enter and compete in Western universities Our mission is to prepare our students to become active world citizens by developing their creativity, practicality, and their ability to lead Under the tutoring and guiding of a preeminent bilingual facultystaff, our students will learn not only fundamentalcourses of general high school, but also preparatory courses, Ontario provincial curriculumas well as AP courses and IELTS In the past 8 years, our graduates have been favored by world-famous Universities, with more than 50% admission ratio of Toronto University, making our students worldwide competitiveA-level International CenterEstablished since 1950 in England, A-level courses are commonly recognized by universities in the UK, Canada, Irish, New Zealand, Singapore, America and Hong Kong, where qualified students are free to apply and get the diploma A-level courses not only cover all the basic subjects in high school, but also link to the necessary curriculum in university, with all the courses provided in English, laying a solid foundation for students to adapt to the foreign environmentA-level courses covers more than 50 curricula, from which students could select according to their interests and future plans The exam will be held at least twice each year, giving students more opportunitiesto participate By studying the A-level courses, students could equally get the preparatory credits of university, saving their time and expense conveniently

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